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catalog#: unfound32

date: june 15 2007

artist: spunky brewster

title: too much fun ep

artwork: unfound32.jpg

full release: mp3 format (74 MB)


full release: lossless flac format (188 MB)




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VA - 60 Full Moons - Cosmogenesis Recordings (2007) FREE DOWNLOAD



We have just uploaded our new album to http://www.ektoplazm.com so please feel free to download it in either WAV or MP3 format it's your choice. The direct links are below, but to get to see all information and write up, please go to the site directly.











We hope you all enjoy the album and will let you know of future releases which will be hitting you real soon so watch this space...........


Any comments would be greatly appreciated,


Peace Love Unity & Respect to you all,






1. Galactic Monkey - Bits From The Bong

2. Andro - Ultimate Sonata

3. Skyhighatrist - Spacemantra

4. Metaspiral - Cosmic Twist

5. Oc - Ineffability

6. White Overtone Wizard - 21122012

7. SOM - Psychedelic Dreams

8. Groove Machines - Killer Hertz



From The Middle Of Nowhere dark electronic compilation...

This free download compilation was set up to present the somewhat darker and more experimental type of music coming from an mostly unknown part of Germany.


This is not meant to be for local listeners only, but for people all over the world enjoying electronic music.


Thanks to all fellow friends and listeners !


Get it:





* 1 ... Intro: From The Middle Of Nowhere

* 2 ... W.O.M.P. ... (666) - Das Ende

* 3 ... Alpha Quadrant ... Frozen Souls 2006

* 4 ... whiteout ... heartache transplant (short-edit)

* 5 ... whiteout ... day 3

* 6 ... Alpha Quadrant ... Civil War

* 7 ... W.O.M.P. ... European War (Eurocide Mix)

* 8 ... Alpha Quadrant ... Forgotten Place

* 9 ... whiteout ... totally twisted (beat up edit)

* 10 ... W.O.M.P. ... Soundtrack Of My Live

* 11 ... Lust For Blood ... Totes Fleisch (Alpha Quadrant mix)*



* Special Bonus Track


Play loud



Electrip - Collideoscope (Postunder/FSOR - Free Album)

Electrip - Collideoscope





Artist: Electrip

Title: Collideoscope

Date: August 2007

Format: 320kbps mp3

Length: 28:24



1. Electrip - Sickness (5:51)

2. Electrip - Irrationalanthem (6:05)

3. Electrip - 5330 (4:27)

4. Electrip - Madhatter (3:46)

5. Electrip - Turbulence (8:15)


Electrip is a fusion of two trans-Atlantic electronica producers, t1mp in the US and sickmoth in the UK. t1mp's more considered approach to structure and production fuses with sickmoth's indiosyncratic methods to produce music that is at times dangerously close to the mainstream but keeps its feet in abstract electronica and its head in the fuzzy clouds... Electrip is a journey. Taking you to amazing places with varied and beautifully crafted tracks rooted in industrial expirimental sounds and playing with world music grooves, Electrip is a deeply enjoyable and moving Ep, Enjoy


Cover Art By: Timothy Preut



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Future State Of Rhythm - Fsor 007 VA


Cover: http://www.archive.org/download/future_sta...-_COVER_WEB.jpg





ID: fsor007

Artist: VA

Title: Future State Of Rhythm - Fsor 007 VA

Date: September 2007

Format: 256kbps mp3

Length: 74:12


01. Theget – Weepo (3:29)

02. Lush Puppy – Metajet Jazz (2:34)

03. Second Mouse – Phase Construe (4:46)

04. Itayle – Rhythmichappy (3:45)

05. Asymptote – Sion’s Watchtower (6:43)

06. The Ambient Society – Black Soldier Fly (5:57)

07. Taiga Blues – What Is We? (2:19)

08. Nation2 – Jocasta (5:02)

09. Humanite – Alien Minds and Human Hearts (4:15)

10. T1mp – Released (4:26)

11. Tau Muon – Button Pusher Baby (6:26)

12. Synaecide – Disappearing Act (4:10)

13. Signal:Noise – Pattern Recognition (6:34)

14. Bubbleman vs OOOD - Sunshine_Supergirl(7:03)

15. 3x!13 – Get Used To Disappointment (6:46)


Welcome to this, our second compilation and seventh release on the Future State Of Rhythm net label. It's been about 7 months since the release of our first compilation, and with several LP's and EP's under our belt, we felt it was time to give you a snapshot of our evolving sound. When we started the label we had the dream of creating a community of like minded artists who weren't held back by the need to pander to genre or the latest musical fad and 6 releases on that goal is a reality. The tracks on this second compilation cover a wide range of genres, and no two are alike, yet they compliment each other and flow in a way that makes this compilation greater than the sum of its parts. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we've enjoyed putting it together. Please visit our website for information about our other releases.


The FSOR team.




Theget - Weepo

This delicate piece of ambient glitch drifts gently skyward, carried on intricate beat work and subtle yet soaring synth work before opening up into a panoramic vista of sound.




Lush Puppy - Metajet Jazz

A thoughtful piece of midnight jazz, this track conjures images of a nocturnal journey through a rain smeared city.



Second Mouse - Phase Construe

A down tempo outing from the ever productive Second Mouse, Phase Construe is a finely crafted piece of electronica perfect for kicking back and relaxing at the end of a warm summer's day.



Italye - Rhythmichappy

Quirky and fun, this track bounces along, powered by Italye's suburb beat programming, a cheeky Atari style melody and lush organ chords.



Asymptote - Sion's Watchtower.

Heavily dub influenced and filled with crisp beats and Asymptote's trademark sample manipulation, Sion's Watchtower is a contemplative swathe of electronica that doesn't fail to impress.



The Ambient Society - Black Soldier Fly

A dark and foreboding masterpiece, this dense, multi-layered track builds with spine tingling operatic female vox, epic organ chords and some fantastic beat programming to create a vivid picture in the mind.



Taiga Blues – What Is We?

This short, yet emotive track fuses electro punk with 60’s blues and rock, firmly sticking two fingers up at genre classification with the same spirit as the original punk movement.



Nation2 - Jocasta

Full of beautifully layered and constructed samples and synth work, Jocasta will transport you to wild and distant shores.



Humanite - Alien Minds And Human Hearts

Utterly compelling, this slice of pure, heart rending electronica drifts along, taking you on a journey both calm and beautiful. The destination is unimportant, all that matters are the wonders seen upon the way.



T1mp - Released (remix)

T1mp shows off his more introspective side with this beauty of a track. Soaring female vocals, lush pads and harmonies coupled with deceptively simple beat programming combine into a track that will move your heart and soul.



Tau Muon – Button Pusher Baby

On a more laid back tip to his usual psy-breaks sound, Button Pusher Baby is a poignant journey through places many have visited and some find hard to leave.



Synaecide - Disappearing Act

Aggressive and relentless, Synaecide launches a no holds barred, high octane assault on your ears that will leave you battered, bruised and begging for more.



Signal:Noise - Pattern Recognition

A track from his forthcoming LP, Pattern Recognition is Signal:Noise at his demented, genre hopping best, fusing intricate beats and breaks, sinister harmonies and soaring synth lines to create a uniquely dark track that beautifully melds acid, industrial, and dancefloor influences.



Bubbleman vs OOOD – Sunshine Supergirl

Both tantalisingly familiar and yet totally unique, this track will carry you aloft on wings of sunshine in a way that can’t help but make you smile.




3x!13 – Get Used To Disappointment

Filled with the sadness and sorrow of parting, this lo-fi masterpiece brings this compilation to a fitting close.





Cover art by: Teodor Tudorica


Download here: http://www.archive.org/details/future_stat...m_-_fsor_007_va

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VA/Ulterior Natality (Eutuchia Records), Free compilation

Some people probably didn't notice it, but an uplifting/nitzchonot net-label was born recently, eutuchia records, created and owned by our friend Sanga (member of Reload next generation) and with the help of uplifting artists.


"The Nitzhonot music strikes again with a hot uplifting melodic trance compilation.

Eutuchia is presenting the ''Ulterior Natality'', a gathering of the biggest and new blood artists of Israel and Greece. High speed melodies, powerful kicks and basses are ready to make a brainwash damage. The experience and technology of Agneton, Eyal Iceman, Dementia, Goldenfinger, Transfix, Loop and more offers to you the biggest music nostalgia." (taken from www.eutuchia.com)






1 Loop - Princess Mari Ta Ma E (9:36)

2 Dementia & Sanga - Real Life (7:45)

3 Goldenfinger - Uplifting Fantasy (8:20)

4 Eyal Iceman - Return Of The Real Iceman (12:12)

5 Sanga - Isis (9:52)

6 Agneton - A New Hope (6:37)

7 Spectrum - Psychotic Redhead Babe (6:48)

8 Oxydow - Everlasting Love (9:16)

9 X-Men - Existence (8:35)





More infos @ www.eutuchia.com & www.myspace.com/eutuchia

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Psychedelic trance Net-label's





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Alexander Daf - Between Us (Promo mix) Special for psytribe.ru




SunStation records presents


special for Psytribe.ru


Alexander Daf - Between Us (Promo mix)







artist: Alexander Daf

title: Between Us (Promo mix)

type: promo mix

genre: chillout / downtempo

lenght: 60.28 min

recorded : 04.2009



1 ) Alexander Daf & Aedem -  Flight Path [Avatar Records]

2) Alexander Daf - Next To Field [system Recordings]

3) Alexander Daf & Pan Electric - At The Edge Of The World [Absolute Ambient]

4) Alexander Daf - Ra [system Recordings]

5) Alexander Daf - In a Silent Way [system Recordings]

6) Alexander Daf – Treat Me Right [Pitch Music]

7) Alexander Daf & Aedem – Radius [unreleased]

8) Alexander Daf & Aedem - Aeration [unreleased]

9) Alexander Daf & Pan Electric - So Long [Absolute Ambient]

10) Alexander Daf – It Keeps Shining [unreleased]

11) Alexander Daf & Pan Electric - Affinity [Absolute Ambient]




Под творческим псевдонимом Alexander Daf скрывается Александр Иванов — молодой и талантливый музыкант из Санкт-Петербурга. Будучи преданным поклонником ambient и chillout музыки, он создает собственное неповторимое звучание. Его стихия — бесконечные эмбиентные ландшафты, сложнейшие ритмические конструкции и едва уловимые настроения восточной этники. Музыку Александра Дафа знают и любят во всем мире. Его работы издавались в Италии (Laverna), Латвии (Elpa), Украине (Sentimony), США (System Recordings) и др. Легендарный литовский нет-лейбл Sutemos включил трек Дафа “Inflow” в компиляцию “Intelligent Toys 4”, где также были представлены творения известнейших музыкантов — Vladislav Delay, Lackluster, Sleepy Town Manufacture, Funckarma и многих других.

В конце 2008 года в продаже появился дебютный альбом Alexander Daf “A Thousands Reasons to Be”, изданный крупнейшей американской рекорд-компанией System Recordings. Пластинка получила множество лестных отзывов и вошла в Chillout Top 100 интернет-магазина Beatport. В настоящее время Александр регулярно выступает в Москве и Санкт-Петербурге, принимает участие в масштабных фестивалях. Осенью 2009 года выходит совместный альбом с музыкантом Мэттом Колдриком (Matt Coldrick — Pan Electric).


страница на myspace.com





more info



Организация гастролей: unitone@sunstation.ru

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