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What is ski equipment?

Gondola lift
This is one of the most convenient types of ski lift. The suspended rope moves in a circle, and the cabins accumulate in a special sump and cling to the rope as necessary. Typically, cabins have a capacity of 4 to 6 people, but may be more. Gondola doors close automatically, while skis and snowboards are placed in special pockets outside. The reliability of this lift is combined with high performance and comfort for passengers who are completely protected from the wind.

Pendulum cableway
This is a type of gondola lift, only the cabins are rigidly attached to the cable and there are only two of them. They move towards each other. Such cableways are used on complex terrain. To ensure good throughput, cabs on a pendulum road can accommodate up to 100 people or more.

A rare type of lift. It is a carriage moving on rails, which pulls a rope. There are two such cars attached to different ends of the rope - one moves up, the other down. The capacity of cars reaches 150 people.

Chairlift lifts deliver passengers in chairs that are suspended from a rope. The fastening of the chair to the rope can be fixed, and then the chair all the time moves with the rope or with a detachable clip when the chairs are in a special sump, and begin to move with the rope at the right time. The number of passengers in one seat usually varies from two to six. There are also lifts for more passengers, and on older lifts there can be a single seat. For greater passenger comfort, seat heating and large transparent caps that protect from wind are added to the seat equipment.

Tow rope
A tow rope is a cableway that tows passengers skiing with a cable in a circle. The equipment of Andorra ski resorts according to the number of seats, one- (“plate”) and double (“mop”) drag lines are distinguished.

Safe lift "baby lift"
The supportless lift is used for transportation of people riding on short slopes, and have a length of not more than 100 meters. Are established on educational or children's slopes. Skiers for movement just grab the cable with their hands. Cableways of this type are easy to install and operate.

Belt lift
It is a moving flexible tape, standing on which, skiers move up, like on a conveyor. Lift lifts typically serve children's areas.